17 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight


  • Give the feeling of fullness
  • Quick & Easy Snack
  • Helps keep calories down and prevent overeating


  • Highly Nutritional
  • keeps you feeling full
  • Can be used in many types of dishes


  • It’s a grain (grain should be include in every diet)
  • Great source of carbs
  • Helps replenish your body’s stored energy
  • Perfect for people that exercise a lot

Whole Eggs

  • Full of nutrients that are good for your health
  • Easy to prepare
  • Many ways to eat


  • High in nutrients
  • Reasonable amount of calories
  • Contains vitamin B-12 (essential part of your diet)


  • Can be eaten before each meal to help you feel fuller
  • Great way to add water to your diet


  • Can help keep belly fat away
  • Quick & Easy food
  • Several recipes that include avocado


  • Contain several beneficial nutrients
  • Very filling so you wont have the feeling of huger after eating them


  • Good snack for in between meals to help you keep that feeling of fullness throughout the day
  • Low in calories
  • Full of nutrients

Dark Chocolate

  • Great way to satisfy cravings for sweet and salty foods
  • Perfect for people that have a sweet tooth


  • Low in calories
  • Great source of dietary fiber
  • Helps you feel full but doesn’t add the extra calories


  • Full of essential nutrients
  • High in protein
  • Low in calories


  • Helps keep cravings down
  • Boosts calorie and fat burning
  • Heart healthy


  • Helps you feel full so you will eat less
  • Great addition to breakfast


  • Contains healthy carbs
  • High in fiber
  • Affordable
  • Several ways to eat them

Brown Rice

  • Easy to add to any meal
  • High in fiber
  • Brown rice has fewer calories than other rice


  • Full of anti oxidants
  • Helps counter premature aging and disease
  • Great for satisfying a sweet tooth
  • High in fiber

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