8 Things Everybody Trying To Lose Weight Should Know

Burn More Calories Than You Consume

This might seem obvious to most, but consider that there are some out there that completely ignore this simple aspect of weight loss. Influencers and fad diets often mention magic pills, and tea or miracle diets that allow you to eat whatever you want, but it’s all complete nonsense. The way to lose weight is being at a caloric deficit.

Find Your BMR & TDEE

You should try to consume 10 -25% less than your TDEE in order to lose weight. You can use this calculator to find your BMR and TDEE. BMR & TDEE Calculator.

Track What You Eat

Use an app such as “My Fitness Pal” to make sure your are consuming the right amount of calories daily. Under-estimating how much you are eating defeats the whole purpose of your weight loss diet.

Choose Good Sources of Fat

This may sound crazy to some — shouldn’t you AVOID fat when dieting? Well, yes and no. You have to keep consuming some fat, just not going overboard. Avoid butter, bacon, whole milk, coconuts and such. Instead, make use of olive oil (virgin) and fatty fish.

Eat Smaller More Frequent Meals Throughout the Day

Eating smaller meals more frequently helps keep your appetite in check so you don’t overeat. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels and provides nutrients for your body throughout the day.

Strength Training

When you diet, you’re in the danger zone for losing muscle mass most of the time. To avoid this, keeping pumping iron, and be diligent about it!

Do Cardio in Moderation

Doing 45 mins on the stairmaster every day is a great way to get the pounds off quicker. 2 hours is not so great, since you’re bound to start losing muscle mass when at a caloric deficit. Also remember to try to stay in the 65%-70% heart rate zone for optimal fat burn

Schedule a “Cheat Day”

Schedule a cheat day once per week. This does not mean schedule a full day of eating whatever you want. Instead try to stay under your TDEE. You should be at at 10-25% caloric deficit when losing weight, on a cheat day you can erase that deficit bu you should still stay under your TDEE.

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